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Posted by Suster Gila on September 06, 2006

[The] Six Term of service:

  1. Don't read article in this blog. If you do so, the owner of this blog does not take any responsibility to your madness affected by the content of this blog.

  2. The owner only accept the GOOD COMMENT to the post we publish.

  3. Never leave "$" sign unless you do know what it means.

  4. Do not thinking of being my follower, follower of this blog only receive a receipt to go to jail in the good condition and go to psychiatric ward at last.

  5. See your psychiatrist after you read this post and ask for more Pills. Those pills will help you next time you visit this blog.

  6. The publisher of this blog is 100% Male, don't call me SUSTER!!!

If you able to find the wrong process of writing in this post, I will give you more Pills for free.
Can you?

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Kusro mengatakan...

Hallo, Suster..?
Kalau Anda Penasaran dengan GUNUNG ARDILAWET atau ARDILAWET KOMPUTER, kenapa tidak sesekali berkunjung, Karena disana disamping ada Tenaga Servic Komputer Handal juga ada OWABONG, GOA LAWA, CURUG KARANG yg pasti bisa bikin enjoy