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Salman Al-Fartsi born in Jian. Asbahan which is a city that lies between Tehran to Shiraz. Persia (Iran). His father was a village chief from among the rich and noble. Since Salman was born, his father was very proud and so fond of her. until a few days, he would keep the baby Salman at home. Young Salman is a person who firmly practice the religion Zoroastrianism. Every morning, he came to the place of worship to worship fire. In fact, he eventually assigned to be guardians of the sacred fire for the fire was not extinguished during the night.

One day, the caravan trade from tribes Kalb came to Amuriah. Salman immediately meet them. Then, Salman had come with them. When he arrived at Wadi al-Qura, Kalb tribes betrayed. They were sold as slaves Salman to one Jewish. Later, Jews were also sold it to his cousin of the Jewish Banu Quraizah. He also took Salman to Yathrib. When the Prophet emigrated to Yathrib, at that Salman is working on palm tree leaves to make shade for the employer. When the employer is under the shade, it suddenly came to his cousin and told his employer Salman, "May God destroy the Children of Qilah, by Allah, they are now being gathered in Quba 'to welcome the arrival of a man from Mecca who claimed to be prophets."

On arrival the evening, Salman intends to meet people who claim the prophet. Salman took the dates that have been gathered and he went to see the prophet. 'I've been told that you are pious man and with you there are some people who need help. Here's a charity dates for me because I see you have more right than anyone else, "said Salman. Later, Salman approached the Apostle, and Prophet. said to his companions, "Do you all eat." He himself did not take the palm.
Salman Al-Faritsi return home soon. Subsequently, he returned to collect dates. At the time of the Apostle wanted to depart from the Quba 'to Medina, Salman came back to see him, then he said to the Apostle, "I see you do not eat alms and this is the gift for you as a tribute from me." Then, the Apostle to eat some dates and told his companions to eat with him.
Later, Salman met again with him in Baqi 'al-Gharqad. When Salman saw the Apostle in his seat and there is a piece of cloth turban, he greeted the Apostles and walked to the back to see the signs that have been characterized by her teacher in Amuriah first.

When the Apostle saw Salman was watching his shoulders, he immediately knew meant, then the Apostle attractive turban cloth from behind so that Salman Al-Faritsi could look prophetic sign it. By looking at the evidence of prophecy that is in the Apostle, Salman Al-Faritsi can know that he's already met the man she was looking for this. Salman Al-Faritsi immediately opened his hands and lowered himself, then embraced the Apostle, weeping. Prophet. asked, "Tell me about yourself?" Then, Salman told him all his life story to the Prophet. The apostle was amazed to him and asked Salman to tell the story of her life to his companions. Salman embraced Islam and was released from slavery. In the reign of Caliph Umar ibn Khaththab, Salman was appointed governor for the Persian territory until he died there.

bibliography: 99Tokoh Muslim Dunia
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