Children's 'wisdomism'

Posted by Suster Gila on Februari 16, 2009

Children can sometimes be startlingly wise in their sayings, combining a simplicity of thought and of expression. Below are cited a few examples from Suster Gila's patients in Banyumas Hospital.

If only breast milk came in packet?
When you are a baby your mother feeds you from her bosom, but she can only do milk.

A very modern little lady?
When I grow up, I will have a lots of babies. then I'll get married and life happily ever after.

A good description of hypoglycaemia by a small boy.
I get dizzy in my legs.

Abdominal Migraine.
I get headache in my tummy.

An ulcer like a laser beam going through your stomach.

My mother only likes babies. When they get older, like me, she smacks them.

Babies need to be loved by their mother in case everybody hates them when they grow up.

Explaining her paraplegia
I was born in wheelchair.
How about your children or your sister or brother says? I am sure they have wisdomism too.
Share it here then reader will understand more. :)

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