Homework, In Bahasa we Called it "Pe eR"

Posted by Suster Gila on Februari 26, 2009

Here the answer for homework from my lovely friend. I use English just to push my ads to come out, then do not laughing at my poor English.

10 Thing I hate [to do] are:
  1. Early Wake Up in the morning. Blogger always late to go to sleep, then why should I get up early when I [just] sleep few more minutes ago??
  2. Materialistic Girl[s]. When you have to build your own family, in any economic condition it have to be ticked together. My suggestion is just say "Get Lost!" if materialistic girl come to you and said "I want to live with you".
  3. Small house lizard. In Bahasa is Cicak. Every time I show it I feel it crawl in the whole my body. ugh...
  4. Have No money. Lol.
  5. Spied or being followed by someone I don"t know, especially with camera in their hands. [It is often happen to me] :)
  6. Watching criminal news. I think there are so many good news to be shared to audience or watcher, or perhaps television change the time schedule for the Criminal News at night when children doesn't watch it.
  7. Nobody click on my ads, with a classical story, someone visiting my blog and in the shoutbox leaving message, "hi.. I just give you real $mile on your ads, please do the same". Do not be stupid to leave that message in mine, I am on the line and I can check whenever I want.
  8. Body odor. Even if she is miss universe, if she have bad bad body odor I am surely will kick her ass out of my blog. :) do you have body odor?
  9. Coitus interrupted. I hate it. Just hate it. [maaf yang ini gak sopan. Tapi memang saya ndak suka jika sampai begitu]
  10. No internet. Do not ask me why, you know it. :)
Human being are Unix, and off course you have different things that you hate, lets be honest to other, and lets be honest to our self. You will not get improvement if you just FIBBING. Lets make Indonesia better than now, lets make a good view of Indonesian Blogger.
Have a nice day. :)

The picture above is my first son. "Do not follow your father, find your own way. I am just the one who will always be with you, no matter how the world fighting you. You small but you will get stronger and I will be old and get weaker. Somehow We are father and son."

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Arabella mengatakan...

. aduh . english na broken beudh . haha XD . mantapkn lg dund! chayo!

lover mengatakan...

sucses...and crazy...nice and ... good. Wow have no money? like me...crying.